#2 – Continuing in Shanghai

So, at almost two months in, not much has changed in Shanghai! Still a beautiful and interesting city, it’s a place where even a trip to the corner store can result in an unexpected conversation or story to tell. And still, there is an interesting dichotomy to the experience of receiving kindness from and being welcomed by people who also speak about you right in front of you, literally looking right at you, in a language that you don’t understand (knowing that you can’t understand it), and then decline to include you in the conversation despite being able to speak your language too.

And still, my internship consists of going to an office every day and working on… whatever I feel like. In other words, I still don’t have any meaningful assignment, even after two conversations with my supervisor. On the upside, however, I do have a promise of meaningful assignments in the future (hopefully the near future, as my internship is over in 5-6 weeks), and an unexpected opportunity to teach myself Python! This programming language will be very useful in research, data science, and supposedly in my “meaningful future assignments” too.

Thankfully, I’ve been attending math and stats courses at The University of Michigan for a couple of years now, so I’m quite comfortable teaching things to myself at this point!! 😉

Will definitely keep doing my best to make the most of the experience, and will certainly be trying to keep up the Mandarin studies.

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