Croatians and their Propuh!

Well, I am almost half way done with my second week at my internship (which isn’t that impressive considering its 3 days long due to holidays!) but am already starting to feel a lot more at home in Croatia, along with my internship. These past couple of days I have been working on writing up a paper on service learning for my mentor who is trying to create a service learning program through GONG and The University of Zagreb. This internship has been a lot more independent than I expected, I can pretty much work on whatever I see fit for the project, which in some ways I love and in other ways it freaks me out a little due to it being so unlike the work style I am use to. Besides that, I have been learning lots of Croatian quirks from my coworkers the last few days. The main thing is “propuh”, the Croatian word for wind/gust. It is a legend here that this gust is in a way evil, and if you are in this gust, it can cause brain swelling, colds, coughs, and more! The majority of my coworkers don’t take it too seriously, just joke about it, but still I find many Croatians hesitant to open the window due to the propuh! Other than that, i’ve learned that they take their coffee and cafes very seriously (which I love!) and use yogurt everyday, whether that be to eat or put on a sunburn. It has been great being in Zagreb the last week with the World Cup. Croatia’s team has been doing great and is advancing to the next round, so moral and spirits have been high, much like a game day at Michigan. Last weekend was great as Alyssa and I got to go to Prague, where we encountered many cool views, amazing food, and even a waiter who refused to serve us because we didn’t order beer! (Still can’t quite wrap my head around that one!). Tomorrow night we leave for Bratislava, and i’m excited to see a city with a little less tourists!

I have attached some pictures from last week when I went to Rijeka with work, because they are too beautiful not to share!

One thought on “Croatians and their Propuh!

  • June 29, 2018 at 2:48 am

    Those waterfront views of Rijeka are indeed beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Also, the concerns “propuh” sound very interesting. Have you heard about where the idea of “propuh” originated from? Have you noticed any other commonalities in traditions or ways of thought in Croatia?


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