First few weeks at The Mayo Clinic #1

My first month at the Mayo Clinic was so hectic I barely even got the chance to blog! I’ve worked in the same lab for the past three summers so I was thrown back into work the first day back. The lab is run by Dr. Swanson, the head of our mathematical neuro oncology lab. Our focus in the lab is mathematical predictions of brain tumor progression. Being familiar with all our work it was easy to step back into the internship. I made my rounds and said hello to everyone and met the new faces.

Next thing I knew I was set up with writing a paper and soon enough a coworker approached me with another new project. This lab is a whirlwind with doctors, PHDs, surgeons, and med students bustling about so it’s very easy to pick up extra work and get roped into things. One of the med students, an old coworker from previous years, approached me and asked for my help for a deadline due the upcoming Friday. Happily, I agreed to help. One of my specialties in the lab is image analysis. Typically I will analyze different types of MRI images, where my task is to find the brain tumor, measure it, collect data, and render a 3D image of it. My coworker needed a lot of images processed and it got me back into the swing of things quite quickly. Somehow we managed to finish before the deadline.

Soon after I finished this project, I was able to focus on my paper for the lab. Again, next thing I knew, I got pulled into yet another project. By the end of the first week I had TWO papers to write by the end of the summer. Oh, how I missed this place. I’ve learned, after years in this lab, to only take on as much as you can handle. For now, I think two papers and a side project or two will keep me busy. But stay tuned, I might take on more! I never know what projects I’ll end up with here, but frankly thats one of the best parts of this internship.

Tatum D

I am a rising Senior at the University of Michigan working at The Mayo Clinic as a research assistant in a mathematical neuro-oncology lab.

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