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Being here in India, I was automatically exposed to new foods that I had never seen or heard of before. The first couple of weeks here I would just get the chicken ___ where the ____ was a word I was unable to pronounce and that didn’t matter much anyways since every version of the ___ all tasted the same; to put a picture in your head, it is a small bowl of pretty much just sauce with one chicken leg in it with 3 pieces of roti bread. Basically you dip the bread into the sauce and break the chicken up and eat it using the bread to grab it with the sauce. Eventually, I couldn’t eat the chicken anymore because I was so tired of it, so I started tasting other people’s lunches and getting new things for myself. Lately I have been on an egg bhurji kick since it isn’t covered with an extreme amount of sauce and I feel like it is healthier than most of the other options presented to me. Plus it tastes pretty good.

Anyways, although I have been trying to eat new foods my best food experience was when another girl from UofM, Erin, and I went to Mumbai and went to this cute restaurant. I wish I could say that I got some spectacular Indian food to enhance my experience, but that is actually opposite of what this experience was. We had been eating Indian food at least twice a day for a month already, so this memorable food experience was so memorable because we ended up getting a chicken quesadilla, chicken tenders, and french fries and sharing them all. If I were at home I don’t think this meal would have been anything to die for, but here it was pretty glorious.

I wish I could attach some of the pictures of the food I have eaten, however I haven’t actually taken any pictures of any food so this post will remain pictureless.

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  • July 9, 2018 at 7:08 pm

    Haha yes!! I completely get how you felt about the chicken tenders. When I lived in Taiwan we got tired of only eating Taiwanese food and sometimes got mediocre pizza or “Mexican food” with Doritos instead of tortilla chips and it was amazing even though it wouldn’t have been as good here. Food is such a big part of a sense of identity and connection, so hope you are able to connect to home as you continue to connect with Indian culture.


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