AB Blog #2: First Few Weeks

How has your internship differed from your beginning expectations? How has it been similar? Has anything surprised you about your internship?

I expected to be overwhelmed by work, content, tasks and people during my first few days at work. Fortunately, my introduction to PwC has been gradual and not intimidating. The environment is extremely welcoming and the people who work here truly seem like they are on a team (even though it may be a team of thousands). I am surprised at my day-to-day workload and the amount of freedom I have. At first the freedom was a bit uncertain, but I am finding that it allows me to reach out to different people and gain experience on a variety of different projects. There are many similar aspects between things I have learned in my courses at the University of Michigan about Environmental Departments in firms, and it’s cool to see them in action. I am learning more about metrics, reporting, how changes and renovations occur, and how different international offices engage and collaborate on larger scales to accomplish unified results. For example, it surprised me that every PwC office works on environmental initiatives completely independently, like recycling. But it is the job of my supervisor in the New York City office to encourage changes and provide templates and opportunities for other smaller offices to take on these types of changes.

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  • July 10, 2018 at 6:19 pm

    Hi Abby! Thanks for sharing how your internship has been going so far. It is wonderful to hear that you are feeling welcomed and supported at such a large multinational organization. I am also really impressed to hear that you are taking advantage of the opportunity to reach out to colleagues in different areas to gain more perspective. Not only does this effort help you in your day to day tasks, but it also helps your development by expanding your professional network. Are there any individuals with whom you’ve connected that you might want to stay in touch and/or do some informational interviewing? As I am sure you know, this can be a great way to further explore potential career paths.

    You have touched on some other great observations about work environment, and it is great to hear that you are seeing a connection between what you are learning in LSA and in the corporate world. I look forward to your next post!


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