Diving In To My Project | #3

Hi all!  It has been a while since I last wrote as my project has picked up its pace very quickly.  One of the major tasks I have been assigned this summer involves conducting a greenhouse gas inventory to document and report emissions by the UN headquarters so as to serve as a benchmark for the United Nations greening efforts moving forward.  During this process, I have had a lot of involvement in sorting and analyzing data so as to make these calculations.  While this work is very different from my past experiences in lab research, I have found myself applying many things I learned in the lab, such as organization, flexibility in my work, and critical thinking to the work I am doing at my internship.


What I have really enjoyed so far is the in depth view I have received into the more policy oriented side of environmental work. I know that in furthering this understanding, I will able to link my experience back to my interest in environmental health by understanding what it takes to create sustainable change to benefit a community.



One thought on “Diving In To My Project | #3

  • July 26, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Hi Kathy – it is great to hear that your project work has picked up and that you are really getting some insight into the work you hope to do.

    One thing you might consider doing is take the opportunity to document – as you’ve started to do in your post – the skills and strengths you are developing from your experience so far. Especially while the experience is fresh in your mind, it would great to capture your learnings so when you’re ready to update your resume, you’ve got a whole list ready to go. The Hub coaches are, of course, a great resource to leverage, and you can even schedule virtual appointments throughout the summer if you want some help getting started now. Just give us a call at the Hub or email lsa-opphub@umich.edu to request an appointment.


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