I Hope…

Dear Shay,

First thing I want to say is, you did great, I mean you did the thang! I know you were intimidated by this project at first and to be completely honest, you still are. You may be asking how do I know that you succeeded when I haven’t lived it yet, well it’s simply because it was a challenge. Where there are challenges there are opportunities for growth, and when you grow closer to the person you are meant to be that is a success. I am not going to go through all the events that have happened so far, because duh you lived it already. So here are some jewels to look back on and smile either because of the naivety or because our hopes became reality.

Our hopes are wide and our goals are far which can be a blessing and a curse. A curse because of the high expectations and a blessing because of the high expectations. With these hopes can come disappointment, but also can get you into high places where you dreamed of going. With these dreams and hopes, in order to bring them to fruition, you need drive! Which brings me not to our highest hopes but the close seconds of hopes for future me who is also present me, if you are reading this in the future.

I hope you were fearless when creating your proposals and exploring new ideas. I hope you were confident yet humble when presenting them. I hope you were attentive and empathetic to the members of the community and their stories. I hope you were boundless in finding mediums to tell their stories. I simply hope that you were true to yourself and honest with the things you needed to change to better yourself. If you were fearless, confident, humble, and all of these things, then past you, and present me is proud. I love you and as always I hope for the best.


Past Shay

One thought on “I Hope…

  • June 28, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    Hi Shay! My name is Jake Albers, an Alumni & Employer Engagement Manager for the LSA Opportunity Hub. I will be reading the providing feedback to your blog posts throughout your experience. Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoy your approach to blog-writing. Your appreciation for finding strength and understanding through challenges shows that you have given the opportunity and what you would like to accomplish a great deal of thought. I share your in your hope that you get everything you want (and more) out of this experience. Thanks again and I look forward to learning more about your journey. – Jake


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