Identity in an internship (#1)

I’ve always loved to talk. I like to talk about myself, my interests and opinions, and I like to talk to other people. This internship has given me the ability to take that and develop my political identity. My company, a public policy non-profit, is devoted to starting conversation. Our mission is to “answer questions for those in the middle,” — hence the name “Business Forward,” to bring policy discussions to business leaders and bring the business leaders to Washington. We use facts — not values or morals or opinions, but numbers and the “business case” for why people should care about issues. This perspective has allowed me, in the last two months that I have spent working here, to develop my political identity beyond someone who loves to just talk and someone who cares into someone who is interested in creating a factual argument. Moreover, I am much more invested into every single issue. Seeing the case for every issue, spending days researching arguments and reading the news to understand, I am energized as a young person to be involved in politics. I want my voice to be heard. I want to be the kind of person who answers those questions for the people in the middle, who cares about issues deeply but also cares about the argument and the fact behind everything we see and understand. Doing research has allowed me to find the specific issues I care about, in policy and in the public, to understand the kind of political world I want to live and work in. As I continue my internship here, I am excited to watch my political identity grow.

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