It’s Comedy Central’s World and I’m Living In It | Blog #2

Welcome to my second blog for the summer. It’s an exciting time for Sophia’s blogging adventures.

I’ve settled into my internship here in New York and I can honestly say I have truly loved the experiences I’ve had at work. One of my favorite parts about Comedy Central is how nice every person I’ve encountered is. Everyone at the network, even the higher ups and executives, has taken a moment to introduce themselves and get to know me. It’s been awesome to speak to people with years of experience in the television industry. Likewise, the opportunity to learn from people who are doing the work I hope to be a part of in a couple years is incredibly exciting.

One of my other favorite parts of working at Comedy Central is the opportunity to go from a consumer of the network to the actual creation side of things. This internship has shown me just how much I truly enjoy the industry and how excited I am to enter it. It’s also awesome to really learn and understand the ins and outs of what makes a television network successful through the scheduling and grid creating work I’ve been doing. My favorite job I’ve been tasked with is scheduling Daily Show content.

Now in terms of my life in New York: The biggest thing that has been taking up my social life is hanging with my friends and counting down the days until July 17th when I turn 21!!!!! Get excited, everyone’s invited. I’ve also had the opportunity to try out a bunch of way too expensive restaurants and see the sights that New Yorkers never stop talking about. I’ve found a great ice cream place (Milk & Cream), a great Mexican restaurant, and Olive Garden in Times Square. Next up, I’m hoping to find a good bakery.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to a “Good Morning America” taping, some family members and friends are coming up, and hopefully I’ll be doing a lot of exploring to see some awesome museums and eat at new restaurants.

Stay blessed, stay lit, stay safe. I’ll see ya next time.

One thought on “It’s Comedy Central’s World and I’m Living In It | Blog #2

  • July 20, 2018 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Sophia! Me again!

    Great to hear more about your internship experience! I’ve always wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Comedy Central. Like how many pictures of Jon Stewart out there posted throughout the halls there? It must be really cool to see everything that happens on the back end to make it work on the front end.

    I know July 17th has passed, but happy belated birthday! Hope it was a blast. Look forward to reading more and seeing what comes next!


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