Midpoint 1

What really got me into this research lab that I am in and what has made me love it so much has been my mentor. I first got in touch with him in the beginning of last fall when I started working in the lab. At the beginning I would simply come in for a few hours a week and observe what he did and follow him around in order to learn what I would be doing and how I would do it. This has since grown to him mentoring me in the field of research as well as just my professional life. He is an extremely smart as well as accomplished mentor who is on the exact same career path that I wish to go down which is a MD/PHD program. He has already completed two years of med school and is about to finish his PHD. All of this has given him wisdom which he tells me about when I ask. He pretty much knows the answer to everything and if he doesn’t I can see his curiosity peak as he goes on a tangent to find an answer and learn more. It is truly amazing to watch and be a part of this mans work. He pushes me to always know more and be more prepared. He asks me questions that he knows I do not know how to answer or even if he knows how to do something he will tell me to figure it out so I can learn the process. He will talk through logic with me on how to go about things and he includes me in trouble shooting when problems arise. I can feel that this is making me a better and more efficient learner and I know this experience has greatly impacted my outlook on my future career. However the most important thing that he does is that he has created an environment in which I am not afraid to fail because both he and I know that it is important to learn from mistakes. He is truly the best mentor I have ever had and has set the bar incredibly high for any future mentors.

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