My unconventional internship – post #1

How has your internship differed from your beginning expectations? How has it been similar? Has anything surprised you about your internship?


My internship is different from my preconceived expectations in every aspect. Before i came to Amsterdam, i knew i was working for a small startup company. To me, this meant there would be few employees, maybe about 10 or so. I had no idea i’d be the first! That’s right, i am one of two people working for my startup – the other being the founder!

Being the first employee came with great responsibility. I’ll admit – my first two weeks were hard. Not only was I trying to adjust to living in a completely different country, but i also felt occasional imposter syndrome (this is what happens when a college student unexpectedly finds them-self co-founding a company).

Now, it going on week 3 and i’ve never felt better! I’ve learned more than i could have ever imagined and i’m even considering starting my own company!

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