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Staying in Ann Arbor for my internship has been really nice. Being able to stay with my partner and my puppy has made my time outside of the internship very family-focused. I was able to find a room for the summer in the house we will be living in for the upcoming fall and winter terms. This has given us the opportunity to really make the house our home before we get busy with classes in the fall. I have also taken time to explore Ann Arbor more than I did during my first two semesters at the university. The arboretum is still my favorite place on campus. Exercising Bear, my dog, gives me a good reason to go to the arboretum at least once a week. On a nice day it is relaxing to sit and watch Bear play in the trees and grass clearings.

My individual project for BHP is coming to an end. The past week of meetings with Generation 6 students went smoothly. We are having a PILOT barbecue this week where we will meet with the Generation 6 kids that are staying on campus this summer for the Summer Bridge Scholars Program. There are two more students to meet with during the third week of July.

Part 1 of BHP has been the main focus of our intern meetings. Securing housing for the students and reserving locations were the more important tasks this past week. We have also started planning the logistics of our activities. One of my tasks is to help create an outline for a team building ropes course. I have never done a ropes course so that component of it will require a little research. I do have experience with team building exercises and activities from my work facilitating meetings as a student coordinator at the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs. I look forward to possibly facilitating some of my favorite activities with the Generation 7 students.

Next Wednesday is the 4th of July and I am not able  to travel back home to Vicksburg, MI. I am excited to see what activities I can find to do in Ann Arbor during this time instead.

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  • July 5, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    Hi Madison,
    I’m glad to see that student interviews went well. I’m especially glad to see that you faced your fears and asked to do the interviewing on the second day. Going outside your comfort zone expands your capabilities and increase your confidence. I can’t wait to hear about the ropes course. I’m sure your previous experience with team building activities will come in handy. I Hope you found fun activities to do in Ann Arbor on the 4th.



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