#1: A letter to myself on expectations for my internship

Hey Ros,

So, you’re three days into the program and you are beginning to adjust and even getting into a “work-flow”. Much like you expected, the Green Garage is a pretty relaxed workspace, and you thankfully don’t have to come to work in business attire. However, you did not anticipate how much more business oriented the work you would be doing actually is, rather than Food and Health oriented. Even though the ultimate goal is to increase healthy food access, your day to day behind the scenes work with the non-profit involves more marketing and ‘businessy’ type tasks. Nevertheless, I think that you will still very much enjoy the work that is ahead. You will learn a lot of valuable things that you did not anticipate to be entailed in your job as you’ve already started to today. You will meet and interact with many new and interesting people who will teach you various things from great recipes to the true value of the work you are doing, so do not fret.

In return, I’m hoping that you will contribute to this organization with knowledge from your own experiences with food around the world and also add the perspective of a young individual wherever it may be beneficial. Share your ideas and thoughts about everything on the table because you never know how good or necessary they are if the team doesn’t hear them. Do your work and do it well so that it reflects the degree to which you believe in and support this cause.

As for the city of Detroit, I think that there are a lot of things to do and see so enjoy the weather and explore as much as you possibly can with the other students in the Cohort. Meet as many new people as you are able to and create all kinds of memories.

Good luck,


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