Favorite Experience #6

My favorite experience so far this summer has been my sociology class. I took Soc 100 during the spring term and enjoyed it very much. My teacher was kind and passionate, and the students were easy to get along with. I enjoyed the discussions most of all. There were students from all over the world. This gave them unique perspectives to share with the group. I could not believe the diversity of life experiences in the group. Everything from school set up to government was discussed from a multitude of perspectives. I especially enjoyed discussions on gender. I found it interesting that acceptance of gender as a spectrum is different all over the world, and that in some places such an idea is normal. Prison systems are set up very differently as well.

In the lab, my favorite experience this summer was becoming a mentor to another student. I enjoy taking a leadership role in the lab, and I know that teaching helps me learn the experiments better as well. Furthermore, I enjoyed finally getting the genotyping protocol sorted out so that it works accurately consistently. This has been a constant struggle that ended in success, and I am pleased that it eventually worked out.

Overall, summer so far has been an adventure that has taught me a lot.

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  • July 2, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    Hi Paden – It’s wonderful to hear that your summer has involved such powerful learning and discovery. Have you experienced any connections between what you discussed in your SOC class and life in the lab or in genetic science more broadly? It’ll be interesting if and when you do! I’m so glad that you’re feeling confident about the genotyping protocol and the progress that you have made over the course of your internship. I definitely recommend reflecting on any turning points in your work, so that you’ll have strategies to pursue the next time you encounter difficulties with an experiment. Hope the summer continues to go well!


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