Laila Lavan

Wow. It’s almost July. This summer is flying by before my eyes. Every summer, Tel Aviv celebrates Laila Lavan, a night when the community members and tourists take over the streets all night long while most businesses stay open all night long. There’s a lot of people, a lot of commotion, but most importantly- a lot of culture and a lot of fun! Laila Lavan, or as some call it “White Night” by translation, fell last night, Thursday June 28. My friends, coworkers, and the countless advertisements on the streets have been promoting this event since we arrived in June, however I still had no idea what to really expect out of White Night. Do I wear all white? Or does the scream tourist? What’s the best street to be on? Rothschild St.? The Port? Allenby? Should I experience the silent disco or the museum specials? The options were endless.


As the night commenced, I joined some other Michigan friends and we explored Rothsc

hild St, one of the main roads through Tel Aviv and one which is closed to traffic for the special night. We danced our way through the street, heard many live performances, ran into some more U of M students, and made great memories.It was so special to see how everyone — families, students, tourists — comes together to embrace such a beautifully unique city.


While this night can be exhausting, I’ve been making it a point for myself to enjoy everything that this abroad experience has to offer and oftentimes remind myself that these opportunities are once in a lifetime. During the first few weeks, I felt that I was falling into too simple of a routine. Wake up, go to work, come home at 5 pm, work out, eat dinner at home, hang out with friends, repeat. Yes, this is a great routine to be in, but in a city with so much to offer I realized that I need to push myself more to get out there and see it.

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