Month Two Completion | #4

Being from Michigan, attending Umich was not that drastic of a change for me. I only moved an hour away to attend school, so the midwest culture and Michigan roots have stuck with me up until now. Living in California now though has been a drastic change and has opened my eyes to a completely different standard of living and lifestyle. I have met friends from California at school and never understood how their different mentality and lifestyle could be real, given that life out here seemed so perfect. Living here now, I have obtained a different outlook on my lifestyle, my habits, and my likes, and have understood that life out here is not as glamorous and perfect as it seems.

The California lifestyle is hard to understand until you live here. The majority of people are more focused on their image than their well being, which is not necessarily a bad thing (even though it sounds like it). Because the weather is so beautiful year-round, most people spend lots of time staying healthy and fit. If they’re not running on the beach, they’re at the gym, or a spin or yoga class. Being a very fit person, I love this. It has always been so difficult for me to stay in shape in Michigan. The cold and harsh weather has limited my ability to spend most of my time outside enjoying nature like I could here.

Because the weather is so beautiful year-round, there is also so much more to do here. In Michigan, my free time is spent mostly inside reading a book or watching Netflix. In California, if I’m not working or working out, I spend time biking along the beach trails, hiking in the mountains, or just walking outside exploring new cities. I have never gotten bored here, and I have the beautiful weather to thank for that!

Another difference between Michigan and California is the standard of living, as most people know. It is double if not almost triple as expensive to live in California. Although the pay may be higher in an expensive state like this, it equivocates to a lower wage and standard of living in another state after the cost of living and taxes! The average meal in LA is a little over $10, and I even spent $90 for an average meal for two in West Hollywood once (never again). From experience, I could easily say that you pay the price to live in a beautiful place like LA. Despite this, I could happily say that this different and lavish lifestyle is worth all that it costs. I have been so happy and truly feel in my element out here, and hope to be able to call this place home again one day.

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  • July 26, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    Hi Isabella! I’m so glad that you’ve been able to take some time to explore LA during your internship and are learning what you want in a city and what you don’t. That’s huge when you’re considering what your work/life balance looks and feels like and what kind of lifestyle you want to live!


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