New Territories #2

PCI Media has long identified as primarily producing entertainment-education content about social justice, public health, and environmental issues. Recently, they have adopted a wide variety of new roles and are ready to tackle even more. They now can be seen as a production company, communications firm, capacity builder hybrid for the benefit of the world’s underserved. What’s not to love?

This does mean that I am doing things I never imagined. Firstly because they are too interesting and cool for me to have expected and also because I wasn’t even aware PCI was involved in projects like these. The past week has been dedicated to creating a facilitator’s guide for the United Nation’s Wild For Life campaign that will help people put on workshops to teach their communities about combating illegal wildlife trade. I am researching illegal wildlife trafficking, workshop group activity strategies, and more to make something great that has the potential for a wide ranging impact. Additionally, my coworkers and I have been discussing a potential new territory for PCI: gammification, which is using a game or game like elements to influence social behavior change. Imagine the impact if we put a game about sustainable fishing in the classroom of a local fishing community.

PCI is exploring new horizons and I am very happy to be working with them in this part of their journey.

One thought on “New Territories #2

  • July 3, 2018 at 6:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing, Kevin. It sounds like PCI is providing you with a challenging and diverse internship opportunity. I wonder how the work you are doing now compares to your expectations before you started. I am glad to hear that you also have the bandwidth to explore innovative ways to spread the word about environmental causes. I hope to hear in the near future of how you and your coworkers created the next gamified approach to spreading awareness and best practices for conservation. Keep up the good work! – Jake


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