Setting In at SR | #1

I’m finally settling in at my software development internship with SapientRazorfish in Chicago. The first couple of weeks were a lot of set-up. Who knew just how many different credentials there were in the workplace? From emails to company portals to work laptops, it took longer than I expected for everything to get up to speed. However, I am finally getting more time now to start coding which is what I expected coming and was looking forward to the most when I got here.

Apart from environment and credentials setup, I’ve been surprised by the number of meetings and events that the office has planned for us. We usually have a workshop on different disciplines within the company (Strategy, Project Management, Tech, etc) every couple of days as well as debrief sessions with our mentors regularly. Throw in some office fun like happy hours (did I mention they have beer on tap in the office??) with World Cup watch parties and there is much less time spent coding than I imagined. I’ve definitely been enjoying the variety of things that they are throwing at us, however, and am trying to absorb as much of it as possible.

(I work at one of the standing desks)

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