why I chose where I am

Scrolling through internship opportunities while I was abroad, I found the application for this position in late January. I’d never thought to myself, ‘wow, I’d really love to work at a consumer electronics company’, but the company was a big name and it looked like I’d get good experience. The position was titled, ‘general business intern’ so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but when I interviewed with what would be my future mentor, he gave me a more in-depth look as to what I would be doing during my 10 weeks here. After having an internship last summer that neither challenged me nor taught me much, I was excited to hear that he had an entire project lined up for me to do. It was going to be my main focus the entire summer – all mine. I knew I wanted this internship after he told me that because I was so excited to finally have something that I could put all my energy and focus into, something that would challenge me and that would allow me to show my worth in a professional setting.

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