Beginning of Internship Experience: Michigan House of Representatives

I remember it like it was yesterday. That is because I began my internship with the Michigan House of Representatives days after I moved out of my dorm after completing my first year as a UMICH student. I was always interested (since the beginning of my Winter 2018 semester) in a summer opportunity where I would be doing something I love. My internship search began in January 2018, where I was constantly putting in at least 3 applications per week on various opportunities where I will be working in something political/government related. That entire semester came with many interviews, applications, rejection letters, job acceptances, etc. However, as I began to look at each of my granted opportunities one by one and conducted a pros and cons list for each opportunity that I was so happy to have – it helped me with making the right decision and choosing the best fit. It all came down to my criteria when  looking for internship/job opportunities that was: something that I would have fun doing/learn a lot from, something hands-on where I would not necessarily spend a vast majority of my time in a cubicle/office, a moderate to fast paced work environment (just because I like to be kept busy), the location/accessibility to the internship location, companies where I had an opportunity to grow professionally and grow my network of mentors and advisers, and in all honesty, I was a little more excited of an opportunity if it was a paid position (seriously, who doesn’t like to be compensated for all the hard work and dedication that you are putting forth).

Anyhow, I ended up narrowing down my searches between an opportunity in DC and the Michigan House of Representatives in Lansing. In all, I decided on the Michigan House of Representatives internship in Lansing, that was paid and gave me the opportunity to work with my own hometown’s representative.  I was going to be doing a lot of cool stuff with the representative that can definitely help me prepare for my future endeavors in law and politics. I officially began working in late April/early May and will continue to work there until I have to report back to school in August. I can’t wait to see what all this internship holds!

I am hoping to build strong relationships with my own state representative, other state representatives, and many constituents within my hometown’s legislative district. I am also hoping to learn the in’s and out’s of politics and working as an elected official and how to have a successful career in the state legislature. As an incoming sophomore, I know that this experience will be all that I need to compare it with other opportunities in the government industry and mold me to be the next positive agent of change.

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