Internship Mentor | #4

I have found a mentor who, fortunately, is also someone who I work with the most in my internship. She is great because she allows me to feel comfortable and freely ask questions, solicit feedback, and offer my own perspective on our projects. I cannot overstate how helpful having a mentor who creates an open environment can be to an intern or new employee. If I had been scared or unable to ask questions or add my own perspective, I think my transition into my work would have been a lot slower and a lot less smooth. As is, I was able to quickly acclimate to my work and start contributing to my organization’s mission quickly. I have learned a good deal about non-profit work and the functioning of the federal government, the sole focus of my organization. There are many regulations that need to be upheld and observed, but, on the whole, in the federal agencies, I have found the employees to be forthcoming and motivated by their work to help people. I think my internship has changed my perspective of the government and how it functions. Certainly, there are still government systems that are outdated, but there are also significant reform movements in motion, led in part by my organization, to further modernize government and improve its efficiency. And this is a push that’s not just being pursued by non-profits or groups outside of government, nearly every major agency in the government has groups that are dedicated to improving their efficiency, and there is significant support from all areas of government to make these innovations and advances. Furthermore, I have found most of the workers at these federal agencies, as opposed to the common stereotype, to be smart, driven, and qualified for their work. It is true that I have only met with, for the most part, higher-level managers or analysts, but they have been almost universally impressive. This new perspective on government and its employees has been very helpful for understanding the industry as a whole.

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  • July 9, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    I am so glad to read that you’ve found a wonderful mentor! I also love to read “I think my internship has changed my perspective of the government and how it functions.” Surely you’re learning a lot about the industry and how you might fit in it. Wonderful insights! Thanks for sharing, Sebastian!


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