Portugal- Halfway?

I can’t believe that my time in Portugal is already halfway over! I just finished teaching my 2 classes and I think that overall they went well- especially for being my first time teaching. There were definitely things that I could’ve improved looking back but I’m generally happy with how it went. On the last day, the students thanked me for my class and seemed pleased with it. To my surprise, I felt way more comfortable in front of the class than I thought I would. I think that just remembering that I speak English as a native helped me be more confident and that I was doing my best to help everyone learn. I was really concerned with making sure that everyone was enjoying the lessons and were interested in the topics which is challenging because I had a variety of students. Most were older than me, mostly masters or Ph.D. students, but there were also a few adults, some who had full-time jobs or taught at the university. This was intimidating at times but I tried to make sure I was fair with everyone. Overall, I am really happy with the teaching experience and I feel that it gave me confidence.

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