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Last summer, I had the most amazing opportunity to attend the world’s most prestigious film festival, the Cannes Film Festival. While I did soak up the South-of-France sun, walk the red carpet, and brush elbows with celebrities, I learned many truths about Hollywood and the film industry; some of them not being so pretty. Nonetheless, I gained an unforgettable experience as well as wisdom from my peers and my bosses. While I was at Cannes, I worked for a small indie film company, and one of the best advices that my bosses gave me was: “You need to be in L.A.” Since then, I made it my goal to find an opportunity in Los Angeles for Summer 2018.

For years, I’ve had my eye on Wayfarer Entertainment, and I thought it was time I reached out to them and ask for an internship. I’ve followed them on social media and watched their content for years, and I felt that my values aligned with theirs. Unlike most Hollywood film companies, Wayfarer is values-driven. They make it their utmost priority to share inspirational, uplifting, and intentional content. Because I had experienced what it’s like to work for a very “Hollywood-y” company back when I was in Cannes, I felt it was necessary for me to experience what it’s like working at a company that’s more service-driven.

My first week in L.A. was insane. Wayfarer’s office is on the same studio lot where Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are filmed, so naturally, I run into Shonda Rhimes on my first day at work. Not to mention, the next week, I run into Phill Lewis (A.K.A. Mr. Moseby from Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and Jason Earles (A.K.A. Jackson Stewart from Hannah Montana). Not in a million years did I ever think I’d ever run into my ultimate woman crush and two people who were such a constant part of my childhood. The first week was truly an outer-body experience for me. Just the act of driving down Sunset Boulevard to Hollywood is something I never knew would be possible for me. I’m so grateful. 


Legend has it that, once upon a time, a young starlet asked Bette Davis, “What’s the best way to get into Hollywood?” Her response was: “Take Fountain.” It’s common L.A. knowledge that taking Fountain Avenue is quicker than taking Sunset Boulevard or Santa Monica Boulevard, but what Bette Davis also meant by that was: there’s no easy way to “get into” Hollywood. It’s all about the hustle. My goal for the rest of my summer here in L.A. is to hustle, hustle, and hustle. Also, to take Fountain. Traffic here is unreal. 


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