Training in Atlanta, Georgia

During my first week at my internship at Deloitte, I was in the Atlanta office for training. Interns from all US offices came to orientation week and I met a lot of great young professionals. Atlanta was a beautiful city with many great things to do and enjoy. During training, we went to a Ponce City Market with many choices of great food and stores. Training consisted of a lot of new-hire tasks like tax and work documents, company interface training, and watching videos about confidentiality and other policies. I met people as far from the west coast in California and as close as Chicago and I was able to make close connections with the Latino professionals. We also had a number of speakers from professionals at the firm to speak to what their role is. Being an accounting company, we heard from people in audit, tax, advisory, and even marketing. I learned that although there are many people in a certain line of service, not everybody does the same thing. Their roles can vary from the different projects they’re working on or their experience and knowledge. I learned a lot about what the company does for their employee’s. They offer paid time off, maternity & paternity leave, and promote employee’s well-being. This explains why Deloitte is among the top companies to work for. During my time at training, I got to meet many great people, make quality connections and learned a lot about Deloitte. I hope to leverage the tools and knowledge I learned during my training in the work I will do for Deloitte.



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