What A Glorious Feeling | #5

Hello World!

This week marked halfway… wow, I can’t believe that I am halfway through this experience. This week was the most different yet.

Monday started out with me just continuing with projects that were given to me previous weeks. I had a couple of meetings thrown in there, but continued to work on my snack and craft tutorial videos. 

Tuesday, I got to go into work late because in the afternoon, I was heading to go to VBS Song Action Video filming. Jayme, the VBS Curriculum intern, also went. On the way there, we pulled out of the CPH parking lot, got around the corner, and it started pouring. Combine the rain with construction and you get a very stressful drive. When we got to the filming location, a park, we filmed two and a half songs…. and then the rain hit again. And thus…. another stressful car ride home. 

On Wednesday, I started to get stressed about the amount of work that has been given to me. Since starting here at CPH, I had already produced 6 videos! Well…  I have been looking at my list of 12 more videos to produce. On top of that, there are other cool projects that I am working on.. and the amount of work felt intimidating. 

Video producing takes a lot of patience and energy and sometimes it feels like you have been working on nothing, I felt like I wasn’t making much progress on my to-do list. I am very much so someone who is passionate about doing the best job they can, so I started to spiral questioning, “what if I don’t get this done before I leave” and a “what if I don’t have the time to make these as good as I want them to be?” 

This internship is more than a summer for me. Of course, I think of this is a professional development opportunity, a chance to learn new skills and make connections. And I think that is going well. But I also know that I would absolutely love to work full-time here. I didn’t know that a job like this existed. One where I get to help connect children to Jesus Christ in a meaningful way, while using skills in video production, communication tools, and social media. Aside from that, I am 97% certain that I will be moving back to St. Louis after graduation. Backstory time. My fiancé is going to become a Pastor, which means that after undergrad, he will be heading to a four year program at a seminary. Most likely, at Concordia Seminary here in St. Louis. 

So, I do feel pressure to do extremely well in this position. 

Botanical Garden Concert

Wednesday after work, we headed to the Missouri Botanical Gardens to listen to some live music. We had a lot of fun! It was just what I needed after having that stressful day. Wednesday night had me praying that the rain would hold off for the next day because we had Song Action filming again and were planning an exciting trip to the MUNY with the other interns. 

Thursday started out as a nice day. I got to sleep in a little, it was employee appreciation day, and my drive to Song Action filming was much less stressful. I enjoyed getting to watch the kids dance to “Father, Spirit, Son” and other new VBS songs. Jayme and I also got to know the kids a lot better this day. They each said they had a different favorite song from VBS for Miraculous Mission! Then…. the sirens went off. 

I am from an area that very very very extremely rarely has tornados. I’ve never been close to one. Jayme and I had to quick decided where to go (as we had MUNY tickets and had been planning on meeting up with the other interns.) We decided to go to where they were bunkering down. We got into our separate cars and started driving. The sky was so dark and clouds were starting to funnel. Wind was strongly blowing trees from side to side. I clutched the wheel incredibly hard.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t pray to make it their safely… and we did. We reached the house and knocked. No answer. They were all already in the basement. I tested the door knob. It opened. We joined them in the basement, I felt so much relief in that moment. 

Thankfully, I don’t think a tornado actually touched down. We rode out the storm in the basement, frequently checking to see if the MUNY was going to cancel. 

They didn’t, at 7:45 we hoped into cars hoping to make it in time. 

And we made it. 

So, what did we see that made us so eager to go?!?

We were seeing “Singing in the Rain…” But the most exciting part was that it stared Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame. HSM was such a big part of our childhood, and Corbin was spectacular! It was absolutely surreal seeing him perform the titular song. It was also my first time seeing this show. I love theater and have seen many shows (never on Broadway though!) I was swept off my feet. It’s such a classic and timeless show. 

Totally worth it!

Credits to the MUNY!
We made it in time!

Friday was a long day. 

I want to do a shout-out to Anna. She is always helping me to learn! Whether it’s helping me learn about using InDesign or Facebook Ads or Instagram stories or driving to VBS site visits, I know that she wants to use my current skill set and also grow it! Friday, she called me into her office to quickly give me a crash course in a Google marketing tool. 

The interns met with the head of HR for lunch that day to talk halfway point and the presentation we will be doing at the end of the summer.

We didn’t go in early, but both Jayme and I were at Song Action filming again. It was the last day and I must say… I am sad that we had to let these kiddos go! We wrapped with pizza and I interviewed them on our Instagram story. I can’t wait to see these videos and hopefully next summer dance to some of them at a VBS!

our VBS Song Action STARS

Next week I will:

  1. Work on Non-VBS Projects
  2. Celebrate the 4th away from my family and hometown for the first time ever
  3. Continue to learn more about marketing!


  1. Cross things off my to-do list!
  2. Start thinking about my final presentation


To God be ALL the Glory!!


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  • July 6, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    Adele – I understand feeling worried by your to-do-list. It sounds like you have a great support system, and I suggest talking to someone if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. I’m happy to hear you found safety during the storm AND made it to MUNY. I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July!


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