An Unexpected Task | #2

The first major project that I was tasked with was a bit unusual considering I was merely an intern but it was soon revealed that BRZ had essentially no technology support at all. The storage facilities were still running on mid-2000s Dell desktops. These computers were so old that they prompted employees to upgrade to Windows XP SP3. In this project, I was asked to upgrade all of the computers to be able to handle modern web applications and even light image editing. 

While this task may seem simple, the procurement of equipment surely was not. BRZ, while managing eight self-storage facilities, was still a comparatively small business and thus had a limited budget. I had to replace all of the computers at a cost of $400 or less per site. To make matters more difficult, the owner requested that all of the computers be Macs, which is a bit absurd given the price point. Nevertheless, I found quick avenue to eventually fulfil this task that served as a precursor to a much larger goal for the company.

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