Dolphin Day | #7

Yesterday marked the 27th annual Dolphin Day at the Blue World Institute, and boy was the town busy.

Dolphin Day is a day of celebration in Veli Lošinj that focuses on raising awareness and support for marine conservation, and in addition, the institute’s decades-old Adriatic Dolphin Project. It draws in people from all over Europe, and is becoming more and more popular by the year.

Most if not all of us working at the institute spent the afternoon supervising the games for the children and trying to make the whole operation go smoothly, which turned out be a little bit hectic at times. My primary duty was to help out with the photo safari for 12-18 year olds, but I’m not entirely sure I saw a single one of them at the event. Almost all of the kids were very little, so I ended up helping out mostly by getting the clay sculpting station underway and pouring out water and lemonade for the kids when they returned from their treasure hunt-turned-marathon. From what I’ve heard from the treasure hunt crew, the kids were actually pretty knowledgable when it came to marine life, which is always awesome to hear.

The photo safari, unlike some of the other activities, was calm and quite concise in the end. Four kids returned with their (or their parents’?) phones and uploaded their best pictures onto one of the computers at the education center. From there, we made a slideshow that Nikolina (science director) and Jelena (education director) used to choose a winner. I’m not actually sure what the winner received, but at the very least, their name was blasted over a speaker into the crowd of celebrating children/parents. Pretty cool if you ask me.

All-in-all, I’m glad I got the chance to be part of this event. It was interesting to see how engaged the public really is with the Blue World Institute and the special events they host, especially with the sheer amount of people that showed up. ‘Til next time!

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