Good news: I retrieved my suit case! Yay!

More good news: I’ve completed one of my three goals; I now have two new, chic outfits from France to take home with me. As for my other two goals- improving my French and visiting all the museums in Bordeaux- I am still on my way to completing them.

My internship has been nothing less than marvelous! My job consists of helping to organize and execute events for the students, as well as attending the (already-paid-for) dinners, soirées, and excursions. I have met so many different people from all over the world in this past week than I have over the course of my life. Whether it’s because they all study the same subject or because they all know the feeling of being in an unfamiliar environment, they all carry an open mind, and I see students jumping from conversations to really try and meet everyone they work with. The way all the students bond together and really open up to each other is something I want to take back with me and integrate at the university.

One final takeaway from this week is the magical powers of the word, “Pardon.” When you take the tram or are trying to get through a crowd, you have the right to kick, push, shove, and scratch as long as you begin with, “Pardon.” It took me a week to pick up on this, so I am giving you this advice now in preparation.

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