Quad Advising !

Interning with Quad Advising is great. Being able to work hands on with students and answer their questions they have regarding college is pretty cool. I find myself often times thinking back to what it would have been like for my friends and I if we had the same resources before entering college. We would have undoubtedly been more prepared. Right now we are planning an anniversary benefit for the organization. We have secured both a location  and date for the event at this point. My job now is focused on primarily creating and managing all of the invites and so far it’s going pretty well. I have used social media as my main platform because they have found social media invites tend to do better than physical copies (plus it’s better for the environment)!  So overall, this experience is so far so good!

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  • July 12, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    Hi Eboni! My name is Hannah Lozon and I work at the Opportunity Hub. I will be following your blog posts this summer and I look forward to hearing more about your experience at Quad Advising. When is the anniversary benefit? What a fun project to work on, you’ll really see so many elements of the organizations history and future coming together at one time.

    As you consider this summer experience you’re taking advantage of, I am curious how it fits into your long range goals for your future. Have you been in to the Hub and met with any of our staff who can help you represent that well on your resume, LinkedIn, or cover letters?

    I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, but I would love to read a little bit more during your next post.


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