Rolling Up My Sleeves and Getting to Work | #2

One of the biggest expectations I had for this research internship was to develop hands-on skills. I just spent the year before performing research solely from my computer and I was getting sick of it. I knew with this new lab, since it works primarily with children, that I would actually have the opportunity to get some in the field experience and that’s exactly what has happened. I’ve been more active in the few weeks I’ve been in this internship than I have been doing research during the academic year. We’ve visited parks to recruit kids into our study. I’ve seen exactly what psychological developmental research has looked like. All the meanwhile, I’ve been practicing my verbal speaking skills as I mentioned before, and the fear of asking favors from strangers that used to wrack my nerves has gone away. In addition to getting more field experience, I am also getting general research skills as I had hoped at the beginning of this internship. The graduate students, and post docs who have been fiddling with our labs have been giving valuable advice to prepare for a career in psychological research. They’re giving us resources that will give me an edge over my competitors when applying to graduate school. They’re also giving me clearer path to follow to become more successful. Most importantly, they are giving me advice that only personal experience can teach you. The lessons they are teaching us are not thinks I can simply google and read online. They are the details that are often slipped under the rug yet make the most difference. This internship has so far been fulfilling, and it definitely beats staying home and doing nothing the entire summer.

One thought on “Rolling Up My Sleeves and Getting to Work | #2

  • July 3, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    Hi Onyul – I’m glad that you’re getting out of your internship the learning and hands on experience you were hoping for – and it’s great to hear that you’ve already experienced a boost in confidence in your outreach work. It sounds as though the connections you’ve made with the grad students and postdocs in your lab has been valuable too. I definitely encourage you to keep a log of the advice that they’re sharing so that you have it to reference as you continue in your studies and apply to grad school. Have a great week!


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