‘So long’ to a mentor #2

It’s been over two weeks already since the lab desk next to me has remained empty. The computer still there, the lab coat is still there, but the spot is currently reserved, waiting nicely for 3 months until its owner returns. Its been a crazy month for my mentor. He’s recently become a father, learning to balance the work that is raising a child and finishing a thesis, and now he’s starting an internship for the summer in the field he wants to work in once he’s finished his doctorate.

So off he went, taking his wife and son with him to good ol’ Colorado. I’ve worked with my mentor for nearly two years now. Over that time span its natural that we became pretty close. So when he left I was very happy for him, but at the same time I was sad since this meant that my go to person would no longer be here and it would just be me at my lab station. But nevertheless, the transition has been going smoothly. I’ve been keeping him updated about the progress of my project since he’s been absent and he is very content, and he has filled me in a bit how he’s been settling in very well. Hopefully, this new frontier continues to go well for him, and that our communication continues throughout the summer since he is after all still my go to person. When he returns, I will be nothing less than disappointed if he doesn’t cap off his adventure with another scenic photo added to his collection by his bench.

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