Starting My First Internship #1

Hello everyone, my name is Jared McCourt and I am going to be a Senior Screen Arts and Cultures Major in the fall. Being from Massachusetts, getting an internship pertinent to my degree had been very difficult in years past. But right after finals, a few of my applications came together and I managed to create a summer situation that I am greatly excited for.

My brother and I drove to Los Angeles at the end of May, and June 4th I started at FilmNation Entertainment. The ad I applied to via handshake originally seemed quite bland, but as I researched the company I realized that any opportunity within the production office that made films like Arrival and The King’s Speech would be worthwhile. They were the only company that asked me to submit coverage on a script of their’s to test my critical insights, and I was delighted when they offered me the position. As I spoke more and more with my supervisor over email, my enthusiasm grew. What I like most about my position as a Production and Acquisitions intern is that it is very hands-on. Unlike many internships where there is a lot of errand-running and grunt work, FilmNation offers me the opportunity to play an essential role in the office’s function. Interns insights into literature sent to the office is counted almost as heavily as the executives’ inputs, and we participate in daily meetings with the New York office where we manage our current slate of films as well as plan for new projects and festival circuits. Starting next week, we also have informative Skype sessions with the executives to learn more about their work and their careers.

I am very comfortable in office environments, but I know that I will have to hustle extra hard in order to shine above my regular responsibilities. I want to establish personal connections with these people who I so greatly want to learn from, as well as become a useful and reliable worker within FilmNation. The LA Production office is a small group, which has both positive and negative ramifications with regard to those goals.

I am elated to finally be here, to finally be in the element that as a kid I was entertained by and as a student I only study. Although this is the production office, I am still gaining exposure to distribution, production, and sales. This, combined with working alongside all the executives in TV and Film, is what truly makes this internship exciting to me. As someone whose ultimate goal is to be a studio executive and an auteur filmmaker, I am going to need to experience everything I can.

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