The Office- TransRe Edition| #3

Throughout the course of the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to meet other interns in the reinsurance world.  An event was hosted where we had a question and answer panel with people who have been in the industry for a while.  In a simple sense, they really want to attract the younger scene to reinsurance.  The multiple sectors of reinsurance helped us see that we don’t have to all be underwriters, rather, can be cyber analysts, IT support, human resource managers, etc.  They also explained that in order for the reinsurance industry to continue to prosper, they need young individuals to get involved in those careers.  The older generation (mostly white males) is getting ready to retire and they need young, diverse faces to take it over.  In any division of the business fields, I know that with the influx of young, diverse faces, there is an older generation who may not appreciate the new ways to do things or the new faces of power.  As a woman, I know that I will face some type of sexism as I build my career in business.  The panel talked a big game, so if I chose to pursue a reinsurance career, I hope that they offer a warm welcome.

Back at my cubicle I have continue to research companies utilizing a new template that helps categorize information for the direct underwriting team.  I have gotten better at recognizing what pieces of information are helpful for them and what pieces are meaningless.  Along the way I have also learned what makes an insurance company good and where they can fall short of those standards.

Last Friday I got assigned an excel intensive job under the actuarial department (the number crunchers).  So today, Monday, I started this task.  (I was given a 3 week time period to finish this).  It’s just after lunch and I am already halfway done with it.  I was lucky enough to have my head screwed on right this morning.  I plugged away on excel and copying over data onto an internal pro-rata model that estimates loss ratios for the company.  As I wait for my email to be answered on the next categorization of information, I have decided to blog.  Within the short span of this assignment, I have learned that I kind of like the number crunching with data sets.

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