Week 1 Tirana Albania


  • What opportunities and challenges do you foresee your internship presenting?

In this internship, I will get the chance to increase the quality of tourism in Albania. This country is full of underrated sites and beautiful landscapes that are yet to be discovered. I specifically will have the chance to work in healthcare in an upcoming tourist village in the mountains of Albania. My goal is to hopefully jumpstart a sustainable healthcare system in the village while maintaining the beauty and originality of the site. I hope to learn how healthcare effects tourism. I realize that tourists expect a certain standard of health care when visiting a place and I am excited to learn about and even contribute to creating a system that meets the standards of incoming tourists but does not damage the authenticity of the site. The biggest challenge I forsee is keeping the authenticity of the village. In order to meet the standards of those unaccustomed to the way the village is run, something must be changed and finding a compromise between the National Coastal Agency and the villagers will be a large challenge in my opinion.

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  • July 12, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Hi Payton,
    My name is Jennifer and I currently serve as an Internship Coordinator for the LSA Opportunity Hub. I, along with one or two other colleagues, will be following along with your blog entries this summer. I’m looking forward to learning more about Albania and your experience interning within the tourism industry!


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