Blog post #4

We are starting a new research project in the lab. I feel lucky to that I’m getting a chance to see how it all develops over time. The idea is that the particle detectors could be used to help radiation therapy technician point the radiation in the part of the body of interest with better precision. For this, we need to fix a new test area that will accommodate for the tests. I have been working on machining out the components necessary for the tests. One thing I wasn’t expecting is how quickly plans can change.

One thought on “Blog post #4

  • July 10, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Hector! Sorry for the delay in responses! I just had the opportunity to read through your last couple of blog posts and am really impressed with how you’ve handled the challenges you’ve faced throughout this internship experience. From learning unexpected skills like building electrical components from scratch to better serve the needs of your experiment to not quite feeling as academically prepared as you thought you were, to quickly changing research plans you’ve taken all of these in stride and have grown so much as a student as a researcher.

    At the beginning of this blog, you wrote that one of your chief goals from this experience was to learn how to learn. I know you’re only about halfway through this experience, but you’ve already come so far with this goal. I can’t wait to see how you continue to grapple with and overcome any additional challenges that come your way. After all, that’s what being a researcher is all about.


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