De Line Pictures | Hollywood Week 2

Things are starting to slip into a steady groove here in La La Land. Although working 9 to 6 approximately four days a week leaves me exhausted, my reading/writing skills have already improved immensely just from the pure amount of screenplays and novels I’ve read. I checked back in with my supervisor about my performance when writing coverage (summaries and commentary on the publications we scour for cinematic producibility), and he noted that I’m moving into higher level opinions, focusing on industry appeal and whether or not films in this genre are currently accumulating profits. One fun non-work-related note: Alan, the security guard in charge of letting in cars to the Warner Brothers lot at the gate, now knows my name and lets me in without an ID, and the feeling of becoming a regular is so comforting and heartwarming.

In the evenings, I’ve begun the Creative Producing track of classes at UCLA, focusing on film and television development and learning from simulated weekend reads, lectures, and various guest speakers. The practicality of this information, knowing all of it will be used in my future career, is incredible. I’ve received a wide range of advice about entering the industry from students, producers, professors, agents, managers, assistants and executives, and it feels like a wealth of knowledge I need to pour through in order to glean what works best for my future. Meeting other students who are interested in the same track as well has been swell, and because there’s only about 25 of us, we’re able to spend a lot of time together.

On weekends, I’m continuing to meet up with friends from UMich, explore the Los Angeles area (and beyond, as I plan to go to the Channel Islands National Park), but one cool opportunity I snatched onto from the university was the mentor-mentee program. I met with Devin, my mentor, over the past weekend, and it was almost absurd how quickly we bonded— talking about women in film, empowerment, the industry itself, and our own personal lives for two hours over appetizers. We plan on meeting again potentially this week, and more and more, I find myself grateful for the network of genuinely helpful people within the University of Michigan, both back home, and here in LA.

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  • July 9, 2018 at 7:49 pm


    This is such a fantastic array of experiences! I like how each experience relates to one another and that you are actively reflecting on the nuanced connections found within your personal network. Keep up the great work!


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