Learning New Ways To Work | #4

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, the work that I am doing this summer is very different from my experiences working in a research laboratory.  Although my project is still research based, it is very interesting to see the results of the work I am doing applied in a manner with applications that are not biologically based.

However, I think that the biggest difference between the work I am doing now versus work I have done in the past lies in the increased dependence on other entities for assistance. Whereas my lab work was all relatively independent, working at the United Nations has been a very collaborative experience.  This is an aspect I have really enjoyed as I have had the chance to work closely with other UN entities such as UNEP and UNICEF and see how these various entities work and structurally function.

I really appreciate this internship for opening my eyes to a different field of work.  As I will be graduating in a semester, I have been trying to figure out a path for my future and whether I would like to engage in research or more organizational work as a future career.  While I do not think that I have found a definitive answer yet, my worldview has definitely been broadened and given me much to consider.

One thought on “Learning New Ways To Work | #4

  • July 26, 2018 at 2:48 pm

    Hi again Kathy 🙂

    Some more great reflections and insights on the work you’ve been doing. It seems like you are really taking advantage of the opportunity to reflect on your experience.

    As I just mentioned, the Hub is definitely a resource that you can rely on to to help you think through some of the questions you posed about figuring out what is next. Definitely let us know how we can help you!


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