Starting at FP1 #1

I was surprised when I started at FP1. The building was different than I imagined- smaller, and bustling. My boss was very nice, but I was sad to learn he had just put in his 2 weeks because he was a great help starting out.

I liked my role there immediately. The people were great and the work seemed fun. I could tell this was a trend across the company, because everyone worked a lot and didn’t seem to resent it at all. They enjoyed their work in a healthy way; dedication was not only important to their roles but important to them personally.

It was apparent from the beginning that everyone at work hung out outside of work, which I took as a sign of good company culture. For example, I have met them in the grocery store shopping with each other.

The person I interact most with is my co-intern, who is also an awesome person to work with. I have discovered that everyone here is more than competent and, in general, fun, and it makes me happy to be a part of this team.

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