Challenging Expectation | #2

Image of another intern and I wearing Tuleste earrings I handmade.

Going into my graphic design internship at Tuleste I expected to primarily offer assistance to the creative team wherever needed. This includes organizing a content calendar, preparing pre-determined content months in advance, updating spreadsheets, and the like. While these activities are major parts of my everyday, my internship has differed greatly from what I anticipated.

While my graphic design internship is definitely on the more creative side, my position requires more analytics and statistics than I expected. For example, I recently analyzed how much website traffic our email blasts generate based on the subject line and time sent out. This was done in order to improve our audience engagement in future emails. Additionally, we often do split testing with online advertisements where one group receives an advertisement for products and another group receives the same advertisement with one change (ex. word changed, different image) and then we check the data to see which is more effective in generating website traffic. Doing so provides insight into what the most effective way is to present our products to potential customers. While these activities are vital to the success of designs I create, I did not expect to do this kind of data analysis.

Image another intern and I created for 4th of July promotion on the Tuleste instagram.

Additionally, I expected to focus on following the creative directors’ decisions on creating online content; I expected to execute creative ideas rather than provide them myself. However, I have found a lot of creative freedom when it comes to creating content. For example, the creative director constantly asks for my input on what kind of graphics we want to make each given week to promote sales and new products. Additionally, another intern and I were allowed to plan the email blast and social media calendars for the next three months before the creative director approved it. Opportunities like these have provided not only an avenue for expression but also an invaluable opportunity to grow within my career field. I now have clear insight into the industry and have knowledge I can use in future jobs that will make me a successful employee in the work force.

One thought on “Challenging Expectation | #2

  • July 20, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Hi Katie — I hope all is well! Thanks for sharing in your post about how your expectations have differed from what you expected your internship experience would be like. You have shared some really great reflections.

    I am impressed that you are already thinking about how these additional skills and challenges which you are being tasked with in your internship will help to make you and even more successful candidate (and employee!) in he future. It sounds like the work you are doing in your internship is really informing your future career. Have you thought about how this experience is impacting what you thought you wanted to do as a career upon graduation? Do you feel that it has changed or confirmed what you thought prior to starting this experience?

    Can’t wait to hear more!


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