First Blog Post: SOS?

Describe your home away from home. How is it the same or different from where you are from? Are there any misconceptions about where you are living and working that you would like to clear up?


Today is July 4th and no one is celebrating. I wore my USA shirt into work today, but I don’t think anyone realized it was an important holiday for Americans. Interesting difference to spend it in a Country that doesn’t celebrate or notice it all.

My experience living in Munich has been interesting at least, starting with my roommates. I subleased from an old, (seemingly) friendly Tunisian man who said he’d be in Hamburg most of the time and so was subleasing his room out. That was a lie. He’s lived on the Couch for the last month and now I can’t use the living room because he’s either passed out in there or belligerently drunk, every single day. He also gets extremely racist when he’s drunk. My other roommate mostly refuses to speak with me and spends most of the time in her room with the lights off, listening to her Radio (a real Radio, with antennae and everything!). The other night I told her to turn her Music down at 2 AM, way past my bedtime, and she scream-sobbed at me until I backed into my room and locked my door. Is this how Germans typically greet each other? I’m learning so much about culture. I was planning on leaving for my second month, but the older Tunisian guy begged me to stay because he’s scared of living alone with her. Imagine that. I also don’t have Wifi so I basically live at the library, but other than that, my stay has been pretty ideal!

I like the way German cities are laid out, with grocery stores on every Corner. I don’t have to plan out what I want every two weeks, I can just go in whenever and grab it. That’s definitely a Quality of life increase. The plants are different here so I get allergies, but that’s balanced out by the Döner shops everwhere. I’d never had it before, but I love it and get it every single day, and not just because it’s the cheapest thing around. Overall, very different from plain old Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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  • July 4, 2018 at 12:57 pm

    Some nouns are capitalized because this is a German Keyboard and I can’t figure out how to fix it.


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