First Day | #1

After spending time in high school job shadowing a team of prosecutors in my home town, I knew I wanted to intern with a judge the summer after my freshman year. I had applied to intern with many different judges so I was extremely excited to receive an offer from Judge Jonker. Three main features really attracted me to this opportunity. First, Judge Jonker works for a federal court which means his office handles a variety of issues including drug trafficking, civil rights violations, and immigration. As a Spanish major, I am very excited to learn more about immigration law and to meet the team of interpreters that work for the court. Second, my internship is with a district court comprised of 5 judges which means there will be plenty of trials that I will be able to observe. Finally, Judge Jonker is actually the chief judge of Michigan’s Western District Court. I am honored to be working with one of the top judges in the state who also happens to be a Michigan Alumnus!

I have a strong desire to attend law school so I am hoping to learn a lot about the many different potential career paths I could take after completing law school. I will be working closely with two law clerks so that I can learn what clerking entails and see if that is a path I am interested in. Furthermore, I will be spending a lot of my time observing hearings and court proceedings. I hope to learn a lot about different fields of law and find a sense of what type of law I may be interested in.

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