Interning on East Medical Campus #2

One of the unexpected pleasures of working on the MLS research project is being exposed to East Medical Campus. I may have otherwise never had a reason to get to know this beautiful building since most of my classes thus far have been at Central. For those of you who don’t know, East Medical Campus is also referred to as the Rachel Upjohn building. Beyond having beautiful classrooms it serves as headquarters to studies like the MLS, ABCDE and is home to the Pretcher Bipolar Research Center. It is also attached to the UM Geriatric Center.

If you ever get an opportunity to do research at East Medical Campus don’t worry about transportation. The building is easily accessible by bus. You can take one of the University of Michigan blue buses from Central Campus, the Green Road or Plymouth Park and Ride. They run several times a day and will drop you off right at the entrance to the building. It’s very convenient.

The building has many nice offerings. You can totally brown bag your lunch and eat it at scenic outdoor umbrella tables or if you would prefer you can buy it at the cafe. There are vending machines for fast snack and cold beverage options. If your shift starts early in the morning, you might be happy to know that they serve a large Starbucks coffee for under three bucks. If there is something little you need, there is even a gift shop where you can make small purchases.  Overall, it is a very nice building and I’m happy to have access to such a great building as I intern with the MLS.

Kelly L

Psychology Major.

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