Media Breaks #3

One of the things that I think is particularly important if you do lots of data entry is making your breaks media free. I know that most people shudder when thinking about it and would rather text during their break. Yet I wonder if what is healthier might not be to get up and take a short walk away from one’s workstation.

I feel the pull of media as much as anyone else and I like to text my friends. However, what I find is making my eyes less tired and body less sore- is to get up and take a couple of laps around the foyer. Sitting all day is not ideal.

When I come back from a short walk, I always feel more refreshed. I feel especially good if I get a chance to go outside and breathe fresh air. I am lucky to intern on a beautiful campus which is a waste if I don’t take advantage of taking short walks during my breaks. Next time your tired try outdoor air instead of coffee!

Kelly L

Psychology Major.

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