This is the end of MLS #6

This is the final semester for the MLS research project that has been continuously running for over 30 years. I have been humbled and awed by the scale and scope of this amazing study. My part in the study has been minuscule but it has left such an impression on me and I am sure that I will remember it forever the way one remembers their first love.

Dr. Zucker has done an amazing job and his staff has been amazing. Lab manager Katherine Baisden has been an incredible role model for many of us who have had the benefit of her genuine kindness and wisdom gained from many years of valuable experiences on this project.

I have learned so much that is unique to wrapping up a study that has been going on for 30 years. I often wind up appreciating that there are not many studies that go on for this long and there is plenty to do here at the end. We are all learning to be flexible and wear whatever hat is needed. Many of our staff have already or are right about to move onto their next positions so it is a bittersweet time full of endings and new beginnings. I wish everyone the very best in their future posts and new adventures.

Kelly L

Psychology Major.

One thought on “This is the end of MLS #6

  • July 10, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    Hi Kelly,

    My name is Danielle and I work in the information services area of the LSA Opportunity Hub. I’ve loved reading all your blog posts from this summer! It seems that you’ve learned a great deal, especially since this is your second year working on the research study! The skills you’ve picked up related to computer work and self-care while at desk job are so important and will be super helpful in the future! It’s wonderful to see that you also have a great relationship with your supervisor and the team you’ve been working with. Do you have any plans to keep in contact with the people you’ve met during your time working on the study, such as LinkedIn or social media? It could definitely be helpful for other opportunities to keep those people in your network!

    Now that your internship has come to a close, it could be a great time to start thinking about how to summarize your experience into a resume entry or part of a cover letter. The Hub is 100% here to support you in talking about internship, feel free to stop by Hub drop-in hours throughout the rest of the summer or the fall to chat with one of our Hub coaches! You can find more information about drop-in hours here:

    Best wishes and congrats on a successful internship!

    – Danielle


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