Week 4: Growing a New Perspective

Working inside a luxury resort, on Crete, an island known for its beauty and it’s major appeal to tourism, it has given me quiet a bit of a new perspective on the world of tourism and all the ways that I have been a tourism in the past. It has made me realize all of the ways that other people have to work in order for others to have fun, no matter really what the business is. From people who work in nice hotels that cater to families to promoters for clubs, it now strikes me how for these people, the business of fun and relaxation can be an everyday, 40+ hours per week grind. Thus now when I have been enjoying my time on the weekends, I pay closer attention to detail to all of the people that are involved in creating that environment for people to have fun and enjoy themselves. It’s a tough thing to do, because, although not for all, a crucial part of the job is to remain a certain personality even when you do not want to, but you must since you are on the clock.

I think that is one of the major things that I have learned from this job, and that is recognizing a lot of the extra work that comes in behind the hospitality business and the business of fun and entertainment. This I am able to appreciate a lot. I love this part of jobs, and any new experiences for that matter- the ability to actually gain and learn something from them that affects the way I see things. I love this part because it reminds me that there is still a lot that I do not know and don’t recognize due to inexperience, and that pushes me to strive forward.

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  • July 5, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    That’s a really interesting insight, Vlad. It’s making me think about all the people, both seen and unseen, who contributed to my enjoyment on a recent trip I took to the UK. I think it’s really cool that even when you’re off the clock and enjoying yourself, you’re paying attention to others who are contributing to your experience of enjoyment and continuing to learn about working in hospitality. It definitely can be hard to be “on” all the time, and working in such customer-facing roles where your job is to help people enjoy themselves really means you have to be “on” a lot. Have you found this to be a difficult tension during your internship?


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