#4 Farewell to the Old Interns

After we finished our last private event in June (Art Night), all of the interns sat at the gazebo in the main garden and opened spitz to celebrate. That was when we (the new interns who came in June) really realized that the old interns, who had been our sisters, mentors and best colleagues over our first month at the Guggenheim, would leave in only four days’ time. We drank and laughed and took selfies in the gentle breeze of Venice, and our final farewell was quickly approaching.

On the night of the festa fine mese, every put on he or her best dress or suit and ate on the roof terrace of the Palazzo. We took so many photos of the group, of each other, and of the beautiful canal that is right under our feet. After a short dinner, it was time for the Peggy Awards, when everyone was given an award based on one thing of our museum according to his or her character. It could be a painting, an artist, or a room in the gallery. I was awarded the woman in Modigliani’s painting 😉

Then our two lovely coordinators gave the final words to each of the interns who are leaving this month. These were just the most emotional moments for everyone. Over their two or three months at the Guggenheim, the people they had worked with made the entire experience much more special and memorable. I would say that the most important part of this internship is not what you have done or if it looks nice on your CV. It is the people you meet, and the connections that you make in a place that makes you feel home away from home. At the Guggenheim, we have a highly international group of interns. Besides those that come from the US, there are interns who come from Australia, the UK, Bulgaria, France,  Germany, Vietnam, Singapore, Spain, Portugal etc. The experience of working, talking and even traveling with them has allowed me to learn about different cultures and see my identity in a new perspective. As an Asian who has studied in both Canada and the US and now interning in Europe, I could feel the sensation of a “mélange”, and I’m surprised to find that many of my fellow interns do share similar feelings as I do. For example, one of the best friends at the internship is Bulgarian, but she speaks perfect English and goes to university in Singapore. With this sense of “mélange”, we see the world in a different light, an identity that is constantly intersecting but always unique.

One thought on “#4 Farewell to the Old Interns

  • July 9, 2018 at 6:21 pm

    Hi Julia,

    My name is Danielle and I work in the information services area of LSA Opportunity Hub. I’ll be reading and commenting on your blogs for the remainder of the summer!

    I’m so happy to hear that you’ve had a wonderful experience at your internship so far and have experienced some skill building as well as immense personal growth. Your descriptions of Venice and of the Peggy Awards in this post are absolutely beautiful. Your writing definitely conveys the image very well!

    I especially love your musings here about your intersecting identities and the identities of those around you during this internship. It seems like the friends and connections you’ve made in Venice are truly meaningful. As you’re entering the last month of the experience, do you have any plans for how to stay connected with your internship coordinators and your fellow interns, both old and new?

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your blogs! Best wishes.

    – Danielle


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