Calmer week

The fifth week of the internship was a little calmer because the new students at the research base already left. I learned a lot when they were here. I learned about Italian culture, the food, but I also learned about other countries since these students come from all over the world. It was really cool that they wanted to share about their culture. Also, I’m glad that I helped teach the students about photo0identification and all the dolphins, about how the dorsal fin is like a fingerprint, used to determine which dolphin is which. Morigenos conducts their research courses like this. One week it’s hectic and crowded, the next week it is quiet and a little more relaxed as we prepare for the next research camp. I think this is a very good system so the people at Morigenos can have time to regain their energy. Unfortunately, during this 7- day research course, there were no dolphin sightings even though we looked for the dolphins much more than we did the week before. I learned that this will happen in research. Sometimes you get results, and sometimes you don’t. However, having no sightings is also important since that means that there were no dolphins at that time, it is still data and will still be important when trying to see the population trend later on when we have more data.

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  • July 15, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    Hi Winny,
    I’m glad to hear that the research course led to positive experiences! What a great opportunity to not only teach what you’ve learned, but also learn from the Italian students about their own culture. What advice might you give to a future intern to prepare for the research courses? What was a favorite part about the courses — or do you prefer Morigenos on the quieter weeks?

    How tough that there weren’t dolphin sightings! Hopefully what you shared in your post about how those patterns are still essential to the research will be helpful takeaways to the visiting students.

    Glad that the schedule has balanced itself out a bit!


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