Last Week at Moriumius

This has been my last week at Moriumius! The last month has absolutely flown by, and I can only wish it would have lasted a little longer. The past two weeks, especially, have been filled with so many positive memories/accomplishments. After finally finishing my raised garden bed and planting the tomatoes, it became my responsibility to water and care for them each day. I love feeling that I was able to leave something at Moriumius that will be useful in the future. I also finished up my personal project of an intern guide- again, hopefully something that can go to good use!

Alongside an incredibly busy few days while the British School in Tokyo came for a visit, I have felt that I have been able to grow closer with staff as well. I enjoyed working with kids close to our age, as they worked on their college applications (something I try not to remember). But we could see how the staff was working tirelessly, all while having a positive approach and incredible support for the teachers and students at BST. That’s why it was so exciting when we were able to have a surprise party for one of the birthday of one of the staff members! In planning the surprise party, I think was when I was able to get closer with some of the staff. Two of the staff living in the girls house became more relaxed around us and I will really miss them as both friends and coworkers!

I don’t want to get super sappy, since I don’t like #exposingmyPisces like that. BUT… This last week a new artist came, and two new interns came. I am so bummed that I only got to get to know them for a few days before leaving. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of energy and friendship between the interns (and artists!) Leaving was very difficult, I am intentionally not writing too much about it so I don’t cry and scare these other people in the hostel. I am thankful for this experience and have been reflecting a lot about what it has meant to me.

Farewell Moriumius!

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  • July 10, 2018 at 7:18 pm

    Ayako, it is so lovely to see how you have connected with the community (especially the local obachans…so cute!!), staff, and fellow interns over the last two months. It seems like this will be an enduring memory for you, and something that connects and builds on your sense of self. Will you be able to keep in contact with them, or be able to visit Ogatsu in the future?

    I love that you were able to leave a small legacy at Moriumius with the garden bed that you designed and implemented, as well as the intern guide. Thank you for all of the hard work that you have put in at your internship!


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