#4 My Mentor

I have an incredible mentor, but to be real she is one of my very best friends. Kailey currently has a contract with BBOH until September of 2019. She is 26 years old and works as the medical coordinator to make sure the clinics in the mountains run smoothly. She is also in charge of all of the short-term volunteers because the couple that is in charge of the entire organization is unable to be in the Dominican right now due to health problems. Therefore, I spend a lot of my time with her.


Our personalities are extremely similar and we are always finishing one another’s sentences. She is strong-willed and always has amazing ideas to bring to the table. I am impressed by her ability to work with others, both Americans and Dominicans. She does really good at loving everyone where they are at, even if they are very different than she is personality and mannerism wise. She really pushes me to be the best version of myself and to remain open to new people and experiences always.


We always joke with each other that we will end up living here in the future, either as roommates or neighbors. Our dream is to start a children’s home and nutrition program. I definitely could see my life here in the future and she would be great company to help keep a balance between Dominican/American life by having someone who understands my roots. I really trust her with my life and would rely on her in my toughest moments.




This summer I will be working as an intern with Building Bridges of Hope in the Dominican Republic! Keep up with my blog for more information on my trip!

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