#5 Favorite Experience

I have never been one to like dancing or enjoy nights out on the town, but my favorite experience during my time here was the night that I talked my work buddies into going out dancing in San Juan. There were seven of us: Kailey, Kayla and myself from the United States and Kiko, Alvaro, Robinson y Cati from the Dominican. We went to a super chill bar that had a huge patio and sat outside under the stars. It was beautiful. We enjoyed a drink under the stars and danced for a good three or four hours. The Dominicans know how to dance so well! Someday I will be able to bachata like they do!


It was fun to go out with my coworkers. I really got to know them a lot better and formed some close friendships over the course of the evening since they are all within the same age range. Since that night, working with them has gone even more smoothly. We understand each other a lot better now and are all aware that there are cultural differences in our mannerisms: the way that we talk, the way that we work, etc. I think this is a key aspect to working together: understanding!


Who would have guessed that a night of bachata would pull us all closer together. This experience really makes me want to go home and get to know my coworkers in the States better. Who knows what kind of relationships/friendships I could form if I took more than a few seconds to get to know those around me, especially those that I spend all of my time with.


This summer I will be working as an intern with Building Bridges of Hope in the Dominican Republic! Keep up with my blog for more information on my trip!

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